Rates and Fees

Once you have been stuck with the tag of having “bad credit,” it’s hard to crawl your way back up to good standing, but there are companies out there that aim to help you get out of debt and re-establish your credit. BadCredit.com is one of these companies. We are not actual cash lenders; rather, we connect you with reputable lenders for free in order to make the loan process as fast, efficient and safe as it possibly can be. Our affiliated lenders specialize in helping people out with cash loans of varying amounts.

Of course, there are standard rates and fees connected to these loans. Sometimes, the existence of such charges causes consumers to feel anxious about the prospect of borrowing money. However, learning the facts about rates and fees should put your mind at ease, and knowing the information before you take out a loan will help you make an educated decision and get the loan that is right for you.

Interest Rates

Prospective loan borrowers can sometimes be scared off by the idea of interest rates, thinking that they will be probably be too high for them to be able to repay their loan without difficulty. The truth is, however, that the rates offered by the lenders who work with BadCredit.com are not too hard to figure out. Keep in mind that the laws regarding interest rates can differ between states, which means that the rates associated with your loan ultimately depend on where you reside.

Truth in Lending Act

The Truth in Lending Act is a law designed to help borrowers make the best, most educated decision possible regarding their loan. The law states that you must be made aware of all the rates and fees involved with your loan, in writing, prior to signing any contract. This way there are no hidden costs. You’ll be able to make a completely educated decision when the time comes for you to finally choose who you want to get your cash from.

Multiple Lenders

When you use our service, your information is presented to multiple lenders, meaning that you have a better chance of being offered a loan than if you were to go to a single Lender directly. This also means that rates and terms can vary depending on the lender you choose. BadCredit.com is not an actual lender and does not dictate the rates, terms and fees for your loan; these are determined solely by your lender.

Credit History

When people have bad credit, they are often deterred from trying to acquire loans because they immediately assume that they will be denied for them. Of course, oftentimes when consumers attempt to get a small loan from a bank, denial occurs. Frequently, this is because the bank conducts an extensive credit check, which effectively eliminates many individuals from contention. On the other hand, BadCredit.com will quickly and efficiently connect you with lenders who may be able to provide you with the funds you need, even if you don’t have perfect credit.


BadCredit.com has innumerable resources to make you knowledgeable and aware of everything that is going on with regard to your finances. We have everything you need to know, such as the best ways to invest your money and the best ways to borrow. These resources can also help you break the cycle of debt. Eventually, bad credit can be just a memory.