Where to Shop for Personal Loans

Published January 9, 2013 by

Are you shopping for a personal loan it has never been easier with hundreds of personal loan venues to choose from. Thanks in part to the internet personal loan companies are readily accessible and easily researched.  However, with great variety also comes greater risk. There are many lending companies that are untrustworthy. It is critical to know if your prospective company is legitimate or worth your valuable time and money.

When considering personal loans, first understand the idea behind predatory lending. Predatory lending involves illegal or at least borderline illegal practices that prey on unsuspecting consumers. Lenders engaged in predatory lending use deceptive practices and then gradually convincing borrowers to accept unfair or even abusive terms. These unfair terms might include high interest rates, high monthly payments or intimidation and threats involving collateral. The company could threaten to foreclose on a home or property or repossess a vehicle right away, when in all fairness, such terms should be flexible.

As you search for a personal loan it is vital to conduct research on your prospective loan company. Be aware of negative reviews or public warnings. If the company has seemingly come out of nowhere, then you may want to exercise caution in dealing with them. Remember that you as a borrower always have the right to request additional information on a company’s history. Any lender unwilling to cooperate in this regard should be considered very questionable.

Be wary of lenders that contact you first. Studies show that predatory lenders are more likely to target groups that could be considered disadvantaged, such as less educated households, elderly individuals or lower income families. Consumers with bad credit are a predatory lender’s best prospects because these consumers believe they are unable to qualify for traditional personal loans at larger institutions.

Options abound in these difficult financial times. Some larger financial companies utilize smaller companies allowing them to match consumers with an appropriate lender. Finding these lenders is easily accomplished with traditional online searches. Be wary when dealing with every lender and be certain you understand the terms of the contract. Personal loans can be the first step towards financial independence and good credit when used correctly.