Where to Find Quick Business Loans

Published January 10, 2013 by

You are a business owner and  business is rapidly expanding. You realize you will need to invest to keep up with demand but you don’t have the money immediately on hand. Or perhaps you are in a “down time” such as a seasonal falloff after holiday shopping or at the end of the summer, but your track record indicates this is a temporary issue that ends as the season picks up again.

As a business owner if either of these scenarios sounds familiar, you are probably about to look for quick business loans. This is a wise choice, and one a bank or lender will agree with. It is important however to be aware of the impacts of taking such a loan. There are interest rates, fees, timetables and other items that will cost the business, and it is important to locate the best loan provider and rates possible.

What if I need a quick business loan right now? You can make a quick comparison to ensure the strongest and most positive experience possible. It begins with a few simple questions.

  • How long will it take to process my loan and get the funds?
  • What are the “upfront” costs of this loan?
  • Will I have a dedicated representative at the bank or lending agency?
  • What are the repayment terms? Will I be penalized for pre-paying the balance?

With such questions in mind it will be fairly simple to identify the most reliable and reasonable lenders.

Quick business loans should provide a quick turnaround time. Guaranteed delivery dates should be a part of the contract. If a lender cannot deliver financing in thirty days then they are not offering quick business loans and should not be entitled to charging the higher interest rates or processing fees.

It is also important get all of the costs in writing as well. Quick business loans are a “convenience” product and, as such, a business owner will be asked to pay higher fees and rates. Be on the lookout for  “hidden” expenses. If these materialize consider a new lender. Additionally, a borrower should work to get a loan that doesn’t penalize the borrower for repaying the total amount earlier than scheduled.

Finally, it is always good to work with a lender who assigns a single representative to such a loan as it is a “short-term” item and best handled by a single agent. This also makes customer service more efficient for the borrower.