How to Determine Your Projected Home Equity

Published January 9, 2013 by

A home equity loan can provide you with the purchasing power that you need to make a purchase or even consolidate your bills while taking advantage of a low interest rate loan. Before you actually take out a home equity loan you may wonder how much money you will be able to borrow using your home equity loan. This will primarily depend upon how much equity you have in your home so you will need to determine your projected home equity before taking out the loan.

The first step in the process is to find the value of your home. It is extremely important that you use an accurate figure. Do not rely on your own estimates or you may find that your figures are off. One way to make sure you have a correct market value for your home is to have an appraisal of your property performed.

While you will need to pay for this, if you decide to go ahead with a home equity loan you will need an appraisal anyway, so it is a good idea to go ahead and have one when determining your projected home equity. The cost for an appraisal will typically vary between about $300 and $500, depending upon where you live. Another option would be to ask a real estate professional to provide you with a market value, but keep in mind that this may not be as accurate.

After you have a market value for your property, the next step in the process is subtracting the amount that you owe on your home from the current market value. For example, if the value of your home is $200,000 and you owe $125,000 on it then you would have a projected home equity of $75,000.