Solutions for Easy Home Equity

Published January 9, 2013 by

Many homeowners today are interested in taking out home equity loans as a result of low interest rates. Home equity loans can provide you with the opportunity to use your equity to accomplish many financial goals including consolidating bills or paying for a purchase using proceeds from a lower interest rate loan.

Before you actually approach a lender about obtaining a home equity loan it is always a good idea to review your credit on your own first. This serves two primary purposes. First,  you are aware of your credit allowing you to avoid unpleasant surprises Second, it provides an opportunity to clear up any mistakes that may be on your credit report before you apply for a home equity loan.

Generally, it is best to review your credit at least eight to ten weeks before you plan to apply for a home equity loan. If you find there are mistakes present on your credit report it can take up to three months to have them corrected, so keep that in mind when you are beginning the process of obtaining an easy home equity loan.

Also, if you see that your credit is poor but correct, it also provides you with an opportunity to do what you can to improve it, such as paying off balances and beginning a history of timely payments.

Once you have reviewed your credit report and cleared up any errors that may be present, you can then begin gathering the information the lender may need to review for your loan application. One thing that can prevent you from obtaining an easy home equity loan is not having all of the proper documentation on hand.

Documents the lender may request include your pay stubs, documentation of other income, two years worth of tax returns, proof of your homeowners’ insurance, property surveys and any additional information you may have about other debts that are outstanding. The faster you can provide the lender with this information the simpler it can be to quickly obtain an easy home equity loan.